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About Us

Background of the KOMALA'S Group

The founders of Komala’s are from a family of Restaurateurs who have been in the restaurant business for more than half a century. The Komala’s Group was founded by Mr M.Rajoo and it started as a single restaurant serving traditional south Indian vegetarian meals. The restaurant has built up a high reputation for its quality, value-for-money authentic Indian food, as well as its commitment to cleanliness and hygiene. It is the commitment to such values that earned Komala ‘s popularity with the Indians, Malays, Chinese and tourists throughout its 50-year history in Singapore. Komala’s Restaurants, an operating division of The Komala’s Group, led by M Rajoo’s son, R.T. Sekar, spearheaded the inception of two new dining concepts of Indian vegetarian food – Komala’s Restaurants Fast Food and Komala’s Fusion Dining. Komala’s Restaurants is a fast food self-service concept offering traditional Indian vegetarian food in a western setting. Fusion dining is Indian cuisine mixed with local varied selections.

Inception of the KOMALA'S Resturant

R.T. Sekar, envisioned that there is a market demand for contemporary dining experiences of Indian vegetarian food. With this vision, R.T. Sekar, spearheaded the opening of Komala’s Restaurants in July 1995. This concept offered traditional food at affordable prices in a modern setting. It harnessed the strengths of the universal acceptance of vegetarian food and the convenience of fast food. The target customers for Komala’s Restaurants are teenagers, young adults, families of Singaporean (all races) and tourists.
The vision of the founder was clearly spelt out below:

“To Make Quality Indian Vegetarian Food Readily Available Internationally At Affordable Prices.”

Core Competence of the KOMALA'S Fast Food

Food chains mostly created in the West usually do not cater to the taste of those who prefer Asian cuisine. Komala’s Restaurants now gives Asians an option of enjoying an Indian meal with the added benefits of fast food deliveries.
The Management strongly believes that this new dining concept will be popular worldwide, especially in Caucasian-dominated countries where there are emerging trends in eating Asian dishes, particularly Indian and Vegetarian food. The existence of huge overseas Indian communities in major cities worldwide, also provides a ready market for Komala’s Restaurants which can make available to them home-cooked quality meals without paying overly inflated prices.

Services - Dining - Delivery - Catering

Komala’s Restaurants service benchmark is to ensure that an order is freshly cooked and served to the customer within 3 minutes from the time an order is placed. This is made possible through the use of a well-designed operations system and the clear specifications of tasks for every crew in the workflow.  Delivery Services: We provide home and office delivery services throughout mainland Singapore. Delivery line is open from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week.Catering Services: We provide catering services for get – togethers, birthday parties, special functions and marriage functions. Kindly call 9697 0044 for more details.

Fusion Dining Experience

It is a blend of Indian with East Asian Food.This food originated in Calcutta and is passed down from the Chinese who had come from Tibet and settled down in Calcutta. The food is a mixture of both Indian and Chinese Vegetarian food. Though there is a strong presence of the Chinese preparations, the use of more Vegetables distinctively shows it is with Indian touch. Hence a new version of Chindian food was formed and the ideas have been transferred to all over India.

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